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Nurse Administration Career Overview

Nurse administrators, also known as medical and health service managers, may be responsible for the supervision and business management end of the health care industry. They may manage hospital or nursing home health care delivery systems, establish policies and procedures, implement new technologies and objectives, and may oversee the operation of a department within a hospital or the entire hospital itself. The nurse administrator is the functional CEO and the ability to organize resources and manage people is critical for success. The administrator may not be directly involved in patient care but sets the tone and standard of care that patients received. Because the field is constantly changing, administrators may need to be flexible, assertive, and skilled enough to meet the evolving demands of the industry.

Nurse Administrator Programs

Some employers may prefer a nursing administrator with at least a bachelor's degree in nursing science or business as well as nursing experience. Other employers may focus on management skills and a degree in public health, health sciences, business or public administration, or other management degrees in the general health field. While a bachelor's degree may be the minimum requirement for smaller facilities, a master's degree is normally required in large hospitals and nursing homes. Nursing administrators may also required to pass a state licensing examination, receive continuing education, and complete a nursing administration program offered by the state.

Nurse Administrator Job Forecast and Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010 Data, the demand for nurse administrators between 2010 and 2020 is expected to grow faster than average by 22 percent. In 2010, mean annual wages ranged from $51,280 to $144,880 with compensation commensurate with the level of education, size of the facility, and budget of the hospital or department.

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