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Licensed Vocational Nursing to BSN Schools and Programs

Having a bachelor's in nursing is a great way to move ahead as a nurse. If you are already a licensed vocational nurse (LVN), transitioning to a BSN means you don't have to start from scratch. A nurse with a BSN is not limited to a staff nursing position, and has the potential to find a management or senior level nursing position in a hospital or long-term care facility. If you are an RN with a BSN and wish to stay in the clinical arena, you may obtain special certifications, such as in acute care or gerontology, for example.

Transitioning from Licensed Vocational Nursing to BSN

Moving from licensed vocational nursing to a BSN means choosing the right BSN program. For you, this could be a traditional program at a local college, or a study-on-your-own program through an online nursing school. Every state has its own requirements, so it's best to contact your state's board of nursing to be sure the program you choose is acceptable, and your new degree will qualify you for licensing. Online nursing programs are appealing to many LVNs, because they allow you to continue working while studying at your own pace. This may not be possible in a traditional school, with set hours and attendance requirements.

Pay Increase for Licensed Vocational Nurses with a BSN

Moving from an LVN license to a BSN should show on your paycheck. Registered nurses' salaries can range anywhere from the low $40,000s to $90,000. And, with a BSN, you have more opportunities for growth, which could also increase your compensation potential. Compare this to the average LVN salary of the mid $20,000s to $50,000 range.

Pre-requisites for LVN to BSN Programs

Each college has its own rules, but in general, you will still need to meet certain basic course requirements, often in math or science. By providing the school with your LVN license, however, you may be able to get credit for courses that you would otherwise have to take if you started your BSN from scratch.