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Polarity Therapy--An Overview

Complementary alternative medicine (CAM) is gaining popularity in today's fast-paced, American society. The average American faces high levels of stress performing day-to-day activities and work. So, it's no wonder many Americans choose holistic medicine as an alternative treatment to western medicine. Polarity therapy uses nature's energy and balance within the body to align the physiological systems and maintain a health.

How to Get Started in Your Polarity Therapy Career

To earn an associate polarity practitioner (APP) certification, you must complete 120 classroom hours and 30 hours outside the classroom. Once you become an APP, you must train for an additional 675 hours in school. Only then, are you a full-fledged RPP, allowed to practice polarity therapy techniques on clients to help to maintain a health.

Polarity Therapy Outlook

Because The National Institutes of Health recognizes The American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA), polarity therapy is a fast-growing field. In fact, newly registered polarity practitioners (RPPs) are in high demand. Many RPPs practice acupuncture, reiki, and chakra as part of their CAM holistic therapy. RPPs may run their own practices, depending on each state's rules for autonomy regarding this profession. Contact the Legislative Coordinator on the APTA website for more information. Because polarity therapy is a fairly recent field, accurate salary and compensation estimates for registered polarity practitioners don't exist. Contact your local directory for a list of polarity therapy practitioners to inquire about salaries.

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