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Athletic and Personal Trainer Schools and Programs

There may be disagreement about terms, but employers and individuals know what they want when they hire athletic and personal trainers. Enroll in school today to get qualified for a growing career field.

How to Become and Athletic and Personal Trainer

An athletic trainer works in the field of exercise science, an allied health profession. Working with clients on a one-to-one basis or in small groups, often under the supervision of a physician or another advanced allied health professional, athletic trainers introduces clients to appropriate exercise routines, teaches exercise safety to avoid sports injury, and advises on nutrition. What's more, athletic trainers motivates clients to work for healthy bodies and life styles.

Athletic Trainer or Personal Trainer?

The terms athletic trainer and personal trainer are sometimes used interchangeably, but the national Association of Personal Trainers notes several differences. Certified athletic trainers must have bachelor's degrees and engage in continuing education to keep up with technology and professional developments--personal trainers do not. Certified athletic trainers work under the supervision of physicians and provide rehabilitation services, while personal trainers do not. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, athletic trainers are health care workers, while fitness trainers and personal trainers are not.

Athletic and Personal Trainer: Qualifications

Athletic trainers are certified by examination, and the eligibility requirements for diplomas and certificates vary between the many certifying schools. The bachelor's degree level is required for professional positions. The American Council on Exercise offers four levels of certification and demands CPR certification; the National Athletic Trainers' Association offers one certification in a three-part exam. Studies include an internship as well as academic training.

Athletic and Personal Trainer: Career Outlook

There are many roles in sports training and fitness training. Athletic and personal trainers may be employed as fitness instructors or sports instructors. They may work in sports settings, in corporate and community centers, as well as in fitness centers. In school settings, athletic instructors may also be classroom teachers. Personal trainers are sometimes hired by individuals for private work. In the military, they may be hired as training specialists. The national average median salary for athletic sports trainers in 2008 was $39,640, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you're athletically inclined and interested in health care, you may want to consider a career as an athletic trainer.