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It springs from an old tradition, but aromatherapy was developed largely in the 20th century. Consider career training today to join this exciting and growing career field.


Aromatherapy uses plant materials, called essential oils, to treat dysfunction. The essential oils, often diluted, they're applied in a variety of ways: • Blended into a base material such as a cream or an oil and massaged into the skin • Inhaled through steam, diffused into the air to treat respiratory ailments • Mixed with warm water for bathing to help with skin disorders Other uses of aromatherapy include:
  • Mixed with water for a compress applied directly to the skin to care for sprains or bruises
  • Mix into a salve for respiratory, for skin or muscular conditions
  • Mixed into a mouthwash for mouth and throat conditions
  • Added to a cream or gel to enrich the skin

Aromatherapist Career Training

Aromatherapy is not strictly regulated, but a number of organizations offer certification of one sort or another for medical aroma therapists. Membership in the International Aromatherapy Association requires 100 hours of training, either classroom or apprenticeship. The Aromatherapy Registration Council offers registration by examination to students who've completed Levels One and Two of a certified course, in college or at home. Professional membership in the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy requires 200 hours of training. A complete training program in clinical aromatherapy will examine not only essential oils, but also anatomy and physiology. Basic training is sometimes offered in a few months. The Association of International Aromatherapists certifies training at the foundation, professional and clinical levels - 100 hours, 200 hours, and 400 hours of training respectively.

Careers in Aromatherapy

Most aromatherapists are self-employed; the income range for some full-time workers can start at about $30,000. However, since many holistic practitioners work in this area part-time, it may be more useful to estimate income by the session, which varies widely--typically between $40 and $100. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the health care field should see significant growth between 2006 and 2016, so consider aromatherapy as your ticket to a hot new career.

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