Health Care Administration Career

Health Care Administration Career

By Jane Smallman
Nursing Schools Columnist

Where Are The New Health Administration Jobs?

Hospitals may still be the employers of health services managers overall, but many services may now being moved away from hospitals and into practitioner's offices and home health care agencies. This means that the administration jobs may be found in these two sectors.

Other health industry areas in which administration jobs are expected to increase include

  • Medical group practice management (caused by the increase in size and complexity of practices)
  • Health care management companies (providers of management and administration services to hospitals and other health care agencies)

Pursuing a Master's Degree at an Online College

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a Master's degree in health services administration or another relevant subject (like public health, business administration, or health sciences) is almost obligatory for most management positions in health care administration.

If you pursue a postgraduate degree to boost your career chances, think about investigating one of the many colleges offering master's programs. An online degree may offer flexibility. You may choose when and where you wish to study (providing you have access to a computer and the Internet) so you may start working on your new career without compromising existing home and work commitments.


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